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Wendell Gilliard, has always been motivated to serve others. He has been a Union organizer and President of USW Local for 15 years, served his community as a member of the Charleston City Council for 11 years and has represented the people of District 111 in the SC House of Representatives for the past 15 years

“The situation our children and family face requires action. We need a voice not afraid to speak truth to power. They want this seat so they can keep the power in Columbia and not in your hands. They want to control the money, jobs, and opportunities. The Port, The Airport, Local Colleges & Universities, Boeing are all in 42. Let’s bring District 42 Home.”


Living Wage is Must in the SC.

Protect Our Neighborhoods.

Expand Medicare & Community Health Centers

Create Pathways to the Job Market of the Future.

2nd Chances for Returning Citizens

Tougher Gun Laws, Expand Youth Programs

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Re-Elect Wendell Gilliard for District 111. A Man of the People, Fighting For Those Who Can't Fight For Themselves.